The different ways of tipping A Dealer

You can choose how to tip your dealer by choosing any one of the below-mentioned typical ways of tipping a casino dealer. Tipping the dealer with the direct cash amount Tipping the dealer by placing bets on behalf of the dealer.

Tipping the dealer with direct cash amount

Many people chose to opt this way as it is quite straightforward and easier way of tipping the casino dealer. When you have decided to tip the casino dealer with the direct cash amount, you can simply push the casino chip towards the dealer by stating it as his/her tip money. But, since certain casinos never openly encourage tipping their dealers, it is best to avoid placing the tip money directly at the dealer’s hand and instead place them on the table outside your betting area but not to forget to mention it to the dealer.

Most of the players, tip the dealer at the end after they have finished with their entire session of games and when they are about to leave. While this approach is not anything wrong, but when you have planned to spend a longer duration at a specific game, it is always advisable to tip the dealer at the end of every session or even per hour so that you are not only encouraging him to assist you necessarily but also giving that impression of tipping him largely when all you had done is managed to split your tip money by tipping him frequently with some definite percentage of the total tip amount. By this way, you could even save some definite amount of money than tipping him with the total amount at the end.

For example, when you had planned to stay for 3 sessions, you could tip him $1-$5 per session depending upon your stake money, winning money and tipping percentage followed in certain countries and you would be only spending $15 at the max as the tip amount. Whereas, when you plan to leave at the end staying for a longer duration, the dealer might frown upon you when you tip him with $15 only. So, the way of presentation certainly matters. Even though tipping his entirely up to your convenience, when you have decided to tip the dealer, why not do it in a more convenient and economical way suitable for both of you.

Tipping the dealer by placing bets on behalf of the dealer

This way of tipping the dealer could be more economical to you, which depends upon how you place the bets on the dealer’s behalf. This method of tipping the dealer by placing bets on his/her behalf is allowed in most of the table games like the Blackjack, the Craps, The Roulette etc. When planning to bet on behalf of the dealer, you could either place a dedicated bet on his/her behalf or place an extra chip over your bet money and announce that the chip is for the dealer. In the first method of tipping, the dealer could make double the amount of money when your placed bet wins.

That is apart from earning the bet money you had placed, the dealer could also earn the winning money which only means double delight for the dealer. But, on the other hand, if the bet is lost, then no tip money for the dealer, as the lost bet money, without any doubt goes to the casino. Hence, you and the dealer both are at loss now.So, the most satisfactory way of tipping is by using the second method of betting on dealer’s behalf, in where when you place the tip money over your bet money and when you make a win, you would be taking the winning money here, unlike the previous method, and would only tip the dealer with that money you had already placed on top of your bet for the dealer. By this way, you would be saving a suitable amount of money on tipping and at the same time, the floorperson would rate you more, as your entire bet money now is the bet money plus the tip money on top of it.This form of betting is primarily followed in the blackjack games. Thus, although tipping is essential when you understand the economical ways of tipping the dealer, you could certainly be able to control one of the factors that contribute to your casino expenditures.